"Lady X 2012"

"Lady X 2012"



"Lady X 2012" (looks: black blouse, mini multicolored skirt, nude sheer tights)

"Lady X 2012" (looks: white lace dress, brown leggins, brown sandals, blue jean jacket)

"Lady X 2012"

"Lady X 2012" (looks: blue trousers)

"Lady X 2012" (looks: black blazer, white top, red pumps, blue jeans)

"Lady X 2012"

"Lady X 2012"

Alena Sauchuk. "Lady X 2012" (looks: black top, black trousers, black pumps)

In the photo: Alena Sauchuk

"Lady X 2012" (looks: brown belt, white top, brown trousers, black vest)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black blazer, black pumps, blue mini dress)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black blouse, grey flowerfloral pencil skirt, black pumps, nude sheer tights)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black and white dress, black fantasy tights, grey pumps)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: blue denim shorts, grey blazer, brown boots)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: white top, black pencil skirt, black tights, black pumps)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: white jumper, sky blue denim shorts, blue pumps, blond hair, nude sheer tights)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: white blouse, black pencil skirt, black pumps, nude sheer tights)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black printed top, sky blue jeans, blue pumps)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: pink blouse, blond hair, bun (hairstyle))
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black blazer, bun (hairstyle))
"Lady X 2012" (looks: grey dress with zipper, nude fishnet tights)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black jumper, black skirt, black openwork tights, black lowboots)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: black mini fitted dress)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: blue jeans)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: knitted blue jumper, sky blue jeans, short haircut, blond hair)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: blond hair, white mini dress, nude stockings)
"Lady X 2012" (looks: white mini dress, blond hair, nude stockings)

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